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Make Life Skate Life

In December last year I spent two weeks in Taghazout, Morocco for MLSL filming during and after the construction of the skatepark there. In the past the majority of the parks MLSL have built have been crowd funded, however, this time (as in two past occasions) Levi's came on board to fund the entire project.

Make Life Skate Life, Morocco, Taghazout, James Holman Film

I wanted to take a different approach to the Taghazout filming, so instead of producing a documentary, we opted for 6 short and shareable profiles on the different people that had come to build the park. We also produced one on Abdel Idizal who got in touch with MLSL about building in Taghazout in the first place. They'll be released over at the MLSL Facebook page every Wednesday and added to the MLSL Branded Content page.

Photo Credit: Arto Saari

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