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Camera Rental

Accsoon Wireless Kit

Accsoon cine eye 2s CineEye hire james holman film video production queenstown

Accsoon wireless kit including 11 inch iPad Pro in Accsoon power cage.

Connect the Accsoon wireless transmitter to any camera via SDI or HDMI and using our 11 inch iPad Pro and the Accsoon app you can monitor the camera feed. Great to give to a client, director or agency. Download the app and you can monitor the feed on up to 4 mobile devices.

With the power cage you can run the iPad all day via 2 x NPF batteries. 3 x supplied in total, one required for the wireless transmitter.

Accsoon ipad cage wireless transmission monitor cine eye 2s CineEye hire james holman film

Wireless Kit

$150p/d + GST

Swit Nano-S140wh V-Mount


The smallest 140Wh V-mount battery you’ve ever seen! Two available.

MINO-S140 is a pocket fit size large capacity battery with 65W USB-C socket, for cameras, monitors, accessories, tablets, laptops and all kinds of devices in the filmset.

MINO-S140 battery can be charged by USB-C charger, supports PD 5V 2.4A, 9V 2.4A, 12V 2.4A, 15V 2.4A and Max 20V 2.4A, which means you can fully charge the 140Wh battery within 3.5 hours.

Contact me to book.

Swit Nano

$35p/d per battery + GST


V-Mount Batteries

Swit 95wh V-mount

The lightweight S-8082S 95Wh V-Mount Battery from SWIT comes with a D-tap socket for camera light or other equipment. It has a 4-level LED indicator to give the user a view of remaining power before mounting to camera.


The Li-ion contents of S-8082S comply with the IATA safe air transportation regulations and are not restricted from carry-on or from shipping as air cargo.

2 x available. Add charger as part of a package for a discounted price of $30+GST.

Contact me to book.

Swit 95wh V-mount

V-Mount Battery

$25p/d + GST

Swit dual V-mount charger

The portable charger S-3822S can charge 2 V-mount batteries simultaneously. The charging output is DC 16.8V, 3A×2.

S-3822S has LED charging indicators on the front panel, indicates the real-time capacity of each channel by different colours.

Please note the AC-DC adapting output will not work when the battery is charging.

SWIT chargers can identify different chemical types of batteries, and provide the correct charging program, to protect the batteries from over current, overcharging, high temperature, etc.

Contact me to book.

Swit dual V-mount charger

Dual Charger

$45p/d + GST

Canon & Wasabi LP-E6 Batteries and chargers

Wasabi LP-E6 batteries and charger

LP-E6 sets

$35per set, per day + GST

3 x Canon branded LP-E6 batteries available with Canon charger.

4 x Wasabi LP-E6 battereis available with 2 x USB dual chargers, cables and mains connection.

Canon 5D kit comes with one set included in rental price.

Book as a set (4 x batteries and a charger) for only $35.

Contact me to book.

Canon Lp-E6 battery

Sony BP-U60 Batteries and chargers

Sonhy BP-U60 battery

4 x Sony BP-U60 batteries and 2 x chargers with mains power.

These batteries are included in my FS7 kit so are only available if the FS7 is in stock and not on a rental job.

Canon 5D kit comes with one set included in rental price.

Only $55 p/d.

Contact me to book.

Sony BC-U1

Sony BP-U60 Set

$55per set, per day + GST

Wasabi Batteries and chargers

Wasabi NP-F750 battery

3 x Wasabi NP-F750 batteries with dual USB charger. All day power for the Focus 5.5inch monitor. Only available if monitor is not on a rental.

2 x Genray & 2 x Wasabi NP-550 batteries with dual mains charger. This set is included with the Genray LED panel and only available if panel is not out on a rental.

Mix and match chargers, whatever suits your needs.

Only $35 per set p/d.

Contact me to book.

Wasabi NP-F750 battery and dual USB char

NP-F Battery Sets

$35per set, per day + GST

Rechargeable AA Batteries and charger

Eneloop rechargeable batteries

24 x AA rechargeable batteries and charger

$5 per 8 batteries with charger.

Contact me to book.

AA Battery Sets

$5per set, per day + GST

Energizer rechargeable batteries

All equipment rental subject to terms and conditions.

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