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Canon C300M3 with lens, monitor and batt

C300 MK3 kit ​

$400p/d + GST

The new kid on the block. The Canon EOS C300 MK3 takes 4K imagining to the next level with a newly engineered Dual Gain Output (DGO) sensor. The super 35mm sensor has two circuits, one for shadows and one for highlights allowing for almost no noise with rich detail in each. Able to shoot 4K DCI at up to 120fps means there is no need to sacrifice resolution to fully deliver in 4K DCI or UHD. Add in the ability to shoot CinemaRaw Light or XAVC-F and you have the perfect camera for commercial, documentary or corporate work.

My C300 package comes with 2 x Canon batteries, 2 x v-mounts, 3 x 512gb CF Express cards, one charger and one card reader. It includes the stock top handle and monitor with a Shape cage. Two V-Mount batteries with dual charger and the Rode NTG-3 broadcast microphone also included.

5 inch smallHD Focus SDI monitor with three batteries and charger is available for an additional $55 +GST.

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Canon C300 MK3.png

FS7 MK1 Kit
$250p/d + GST

The work horse of the TV, doco and corporate world, Sony’s 4K Super 35mm camcorder with E-mount, 4K/2K RAW and XAVC recording can do it all.

My Sony FS7 package comes with 1 x E-Mount to Canon EF speedbooster, 4 x BP-U60 batteries, 4 x 128GB XQD cards and the stock handle and grip with the Zacuto Z-Finder monitor attachment. Also included is the Rode NTG-3 broadcast microphone.


5 inch smallHD Focus SDI monitor is available for an additional $35 +GST.

V-mount adapter plate, two V-Mount batteries and dual charger available for an additional $75  + GST

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Sony FS7.png

The OG, the guy that started the DSLR revolution, the Canon 5D MK3.

My longest serving camera, I think I'll have this until the end of time.


The 5D Mark III DSLR Camera is a full-frame 22.3MP DSLR featuring exceptional still image and movie recording capabilities. Integrating Canon's new DIGIC 5+ Image Processor and 14-bit A/D conversion, this camera is able to produce superbly detailed imagery with immense low-light sensitivity that is further aided by an extended ISO range up to 102400. 


Pair it with the Syrp Genie, timer remote and/or the Magic Carpet Pro and you have an epic time-lapse kit. Add the kit for $35p/d +GST

V-mount adapter plate, two V-Mount batteries and dual charger available for an additional $75  + GST

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Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 5D MK3 Kit
$50p/d + GST

Great shoulder mounting solution for the FS7 when rails are needed for follow focus motors and additional handles.

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Vocas FS7 baseplate

Vocas baseplate with rails

$30p/d + GST

The edelkrone FocusONE Follow Focus Unit is a single rod-based follow focus unit that mounts the marking disk between the handwheel and the drive gear, which provides for extremely precise focus marks. The design of the unit allows you to adjust the handwheel to almost any position without affecting the unit's performance.


This allows you to adjust the handwheel for your comfort, and it allows you to pull focus from above or below the camera without forcing your hand into an uncomfortable position or needing to use an available focus whip. The unit can also adjust to accommodate pulling focus with virtually any diameter lens that you can use with 15mm support rods, or with 19mm studio rods by using available 19mm to 15mm rod adapters.

The unit features an industry-standard 0.8 pitch drive gear, and the gearbox has an adjustment screw so you can set the tension and play to fit your comfort level. An industry-standard whip/crank socket allows you to use an available speed crank or focus whip if you desire.

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Edelkrone follow focus

Follow Focus Kit
$16.50p/d + GST

This V-Mount Battery Plate from Tilta attaches to a Tilta camera cage and enables you to use a pro-style V-mount battery to power a Sony FS7 camera, lights, monitors, microphones, or other devices with its multiple power outputs. The plate features one 14.8V D-Tap output, two 12V barrel outputs, and one 8V barrel output.

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Tilta FS7 V-Mount adapter

FS7 V-Mount Plate

$15p/d + GST

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