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Iraq Filming

I'm back from Iraq! I've just had three weeks filming in Sulaymaniyah in the Kurdish region of Iraq. I was there documenting the country's first skatepark as part of a Make Life Skate Life project. There are so many interesting people and stories there and I hope to go back soon to explore some of these. Stay tuned!

Filming on top of a friend's apartment in Sulaymaniyah. James Holman Film

At the skatepark construction site in the north of the city. James Holman Film

I didn't think it would be possible to get a photo with one of the soldiers but this guy was super down! James Holman Film

Getting and establishing shot in Hawary Shar Park. James Holman Film

Getting a cheeky skate in once the park was completed. James Holman Film
Interviewing skatepark designer Wade Treaven in downtown Sulaymaniyah. James Holman Film

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