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Trans-Tasman Bubble Filming!

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Last month we were thrilled to be working with Queenstown Airport again as they welcomed the first international arrival in over a year from Sydney, Australia. It marked the beginning of Queenstown opening up to Australia as we try to move to a Post-COVID world.

Diaries Downunder was brought in as the production company, overseen and produced by Nick Hyne with myself as lead camera and editor. For a project with two locations on the run-way, the international arrivals terminal and the forecourt it required additional hands on deck so we also contracted in good friend and excellent camera-operator, David Oakley.

The project required a same-day turn around for the Queenstown Airport edit and we were also responsible for supplying content to international media. This meant at any one time all three of us were shooting, editing or producing. It was a really exciting and emotional day to be involved in and great to be working with the airport team again.



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