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Shooting for the Project!

Really stoked to have been contacted by producers at TV3's The Project a couple of weeks ago. It led to a couple of shoots over the past two weeks. One was featuring incredibly talented drone pilot Simon Wallace-Blakely and the other following the story of two Apple Detectives in Riverton, Southland. The first shoot was myself and Simon, setting up an interview and shooting some b-roll whilst the Apple Detectives was more involved. I worked with journalist Olivia Caldwell and shot several interviews in three locations with b-roll as well. The set-up involved 3 radio mics at times and was shot on my FS7. I also had the opportunity to shoot one of the WHIP segments with Olivia this past friday which was also super fun!

I've just about got my C300 where I need it for more run and gun TV situations and will be looking to shoot all future TV work on that.

Apple Detectives

Drone Porn!



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