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Overcoming Anorexia

Check out the recently released "Overcoming Anorexia" documentary I was camera operator on for the Kinetic Media production. Synopsis and film below! “I was hungry enough to want better from myself when I was that sick. And now I am hungry enough to want better from myself within triathlon… So, I’ll just keep being hungry - metaphorically.” Crippled by anorexia for 15 years and not knowing if she might die in her sleep, Nikkola Mathews has gone from living off half an apple a day, to the 2021 female age group champion of Nutri-Grain IRONMAN New Zealand. Nikki epitomizes the term #AnythingIsPossible and although she has fought to turn her life around, her battle is never won.

🎥 Kinetic Media, New Zealand. Produced by - Seven8



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