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DoP for the 48hr Film Festival

The 48 Hour Film Festival is a nationwide competition that has been held for many years here in New Zealand. The concept is simple yet hectic! Get a team together of film makers, writers etc and wait to hear on Friday what your genre is and what key elements you have to build in such as a match cut for example and then write, shoot and edit it over 38 hours submitting no later than 7pm on the Sunday.

Jonty Norton, who I met whilst camera-operating on The Summit was the director on the project and pulled together an awesome team. He asked me to come on board as DoP which I was thrilled at and I'm very proud of the film we were able to create with the genre of 'Lovers on the Run.' Our key elements to include were, a neighbour or traveller, a wanring, an exit and a jump cut. As with all these projects, more time would of been amazing to really polish it but that's the nature of the event. I loved being invovled in something sponateous and having a deadline to work to. Too often it's easy to come up with a passion project but not have 'the time' to do it. This was an unforgettable experience and I'm very grateful to everyone involved.

The regional heats to reach the National Grand Final are this weekend and whilst not expecitng, I'd be absolutely thrilled if we were nominated for any category.

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