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Canon Cine Lens

James Holman Film camera operator queenstown Canon C300mk3
New Canon 18-80cn-e Lens`

After a long time on the 'wanted list' I finally purchased the Canon 18-80cn-e lens. I demoed the lens a year ago for a week and was really impressed with the versatility, image quality and colour rendition. The barrier to getting it was the recently increased price of $8,500. I came across another camera operator offering it second hand on a Facebook Group I'm part of and jumped at the opportunity.

Whilst the lens comes in for some criticism being T4.4 and not 2.8, I knew this wasn't something that would concern me. I needed a super 35mm equivalent of the 24-105 that could serve a multitude of purposes from run and gun TV work through to commercial applications. For those times when I need a faster lens I can turn to my existing lenses.



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