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Ayrburn Brand Video Shoot

I came back from my winter break in early February this year and it wasn't long before I was back into shoots. Ayrburn is now well and truly open and what a fantastic job they've done with the landscaping and interior/exteriors of the bars and restaurants. It's going to be great to see it develop as the various stages come online over the coming years.

I was asked to come on board as a content creator for the team at Ayrburn, with the first shoot being an Autumn themed family lunch and activity piece and a mid-30s to late 40s wine tasting and tapas experience. Below are some stills from the shoot. This is being held back until Autum next year. I'll post again when it is available.

James Holman film videography cinematographer video production queenstown New Zealand content creator
Getting ready to shoot a family scene at Ayrburn



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