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New Lighting Gear!

Really excited to let you know I've taken delivery of some additional lighting gear. It's all blew but in summary; the new Aperture Amaran 60d. What is awesome about this light is it offers 80% of the output of the 100d and it can run off Sony style NPF-batteries or a V-Lock. This makes it a super portable solution for film-making and as it has a Bowens Mount, I can fit all my existing modifiers to it. I bought the Swit Nano 140 V-Mount to power this on the move or use on my camera body. With the D-Tap, USB-A and USB C ports, this can also be used to power and charge accessories. Finally I added a Westcott 6x6 scrim jim kit to my gear with am additional C-stand to be able to position this where needed.

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