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Canon R5C

Demoing this little beast courtesy of DVT in New Zealand at the moment. I've only had a few days to test it out so far, the weather hasn't been ideal recently, a lot of grey! I'm pretty impressed with the colours, in both C-Log3 or putting C-Log 2 on it which I shoot on my C300. The individual photo and video menus is fantastic making everything simpler and familiar in each mode and the dual native ISO is great. Shooting photos in a challenging lighting environment on Friday at 6400 made me sit up and think about considering this camera. The downfall which a lot of people have pointed out is the battery life, it shoots 35-45mins at best in 4K. The R5 battery grip is a must. I've also been supplied with the Canon variable ND, certainly required for video. The issue? The wheel has no resistance whatsoever so it's very easy whilst walking or simply dropping the camera to your side whilst shooting for the ND to change. This isn't a great solution for ND on this camera. I'd have to find another. I'll report back and share some clips and photos once I have had more time with it!



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