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TV Train Continues

After a lovely month overseas which included a trip to the UK and Istanbul (thoroughly recommend btw) and a shoot for Palladian - - I arrived back in New Zealand and went straight onto another reality show for a month. I can't say too much about it inlcuding name, format and region where it's airing but it was the reason I switched camera systems from Canon to Sony. Nearly all reality here and abroad is shot on the Sony FX6 so with great relucatance I sold my Canon C300 and Cne 18-80 and picked up an FX6 with all of the zooms. I still have all the EF glass including my recently purchased Sigma primes which I can use with my Metabones adapter.

It was an incredible experience shooting on an up to 11 camera reality show and it's where I've found I'm happiest. I love being outdoors and I love working with a crew of fantastic people. Here's a photo with a couple of great crew members without giving anything away!

James holman film queenstown New Zealand video production camera operator

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