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New Gear! C300MK3, Easyrig & Aputure!

Pretty stoked to announce that I have just taken delivery of some great new gear.

To add to my existing selection of cameras I have just bought the Canon C300MK3, with V-Mount adapter, 3 x BP-A batteries, 3 x 512GB CF cards and USB-C reader. This will be available as a package to fire for $400 + GST per day.

On top of that I now have the Vario-5 Easyrig which has been a much wanted accessory for a while now. This is available to hire for $115 + GST a day. I also have recently purchased the Aputure LS120D MK2 with stand, soft box and lantern, $100 +GST p/d.

Hit me up on the contacts tab to get in touch about hiring any gear.



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